Vaillant Boiler Problems Fixed From £149 (Fixed Price)

You can get your Vaillant boiler repaired by a trained Vaillant expert with no call out fees or hourly rates.

What Does Your Vaillant Boiler Repair Include?

Unlimited Callouts & Labour To Repair Your Boiler Fault

The fixed price includes as many visits and labour as needed to repair your boiler. 

Free Standard Boiler Service (value £80)

You'll also get a free standard boiler service as part of your repair along with a Gas Safe service certificate. 

Free Water Quality Check  & Report (value £89)

On top of that, you'll also get a free water quality check. This helps catch potential problems in your heating system. 

1 Year Guarantee On Parts

For your peace of mind, all parts we supply to repair your boiler come with a 1 year guarantee.

No Call Out Charges Or Hourly Rates

You don't pay any call out charges or hourly rates. Just one fixed price to repair your boiler.

Next Day Parts

If your boiler needs a part to get it working again, we can get them for you the next working day at below retail price.

Common Vaillant Boiler Faults We Can Fix

Here are some of the most common faults on Vaillant boilers

Water leaking from the boiler

This is usually caused by a faulty diverter valve, a broken internal condensate pipe, or a split rubber hose.

Hot water goes hot and cold

Most of the time, this is caused by a blocked plate heat exchanger. This can usually be cured by removed it and cleaning with acid.

F28 fault code

This means the boiler isn't igniting. The top cause of this fault is a faulty spark electrode or lead. Other causes are occasionally gas valve or circuit board.

F75 fault code

This is very common and usually caused by a faulty low water pressure switch. Dirt from the pipes and radiators blocks this small switch and breaks it. Other causes of the F75 fault are a defective pump or circuit board.

F22 fault code

This means the pressure is too low on your boiler and needs topping up (which you can do yourself). However, repeated F22 codes may indicate other problems with your boiler, such as a leak somewhere, a faulty expansion vessel, or a dodgy low water pressure sensor. 

F61 fault code

This means the gas valve has failed and needs to be replaced.

F62 fault code

This can either be caused by a faulty gas valve, circuit board, or both. 

F72 fault code

Causes of this fault code are usually poor water circulation around the boiler, the reasons for this being a weak pump, sludge or air in the pipes, or bad system design. Can also be caused by faulty temperature sensors in the boiler or an electrical fault.

F27 fault code

This fault code means the flame in the boiler was extinguished unexpectedly. Common causes are spark electrode, gas valve, or a leak on the main heat exchanger.

Fault not listed here?

Don't worry! We've been working on Vaillant boilers since 1999, so have seen most problems before.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Questions & Answers

Are there any extra charges on top of the £149 repair fee?

Yes. If your boiler needs a new part (eg: a pump) to get it working again, you will need to pay for this on top of the £149 repair fee. But don't worry - we can usually get any parts your Vaillant needs at below retail price, the same or next day.

What if my boiler goes wrong again after you've repaired it?

If your boiler breaks down again because a part we've fitted is faulty, we will replace it for free, within 12 months of the repair. 

If your boiler breaks down again, but is the reason for the breakdown is unrelated to the previous repair, you will need to pay again.

Should I just cut my losses and get a new boiler?

It depends of the age and condition of your boiler. As a rule, if your boiler is in poor condition and over 10 years old, we recommend replacing it. This is because the cost of repairs in the future will begin to add up to the cost of a new boiler. If you would like a rough price on a boiler replacement, you can check out our online quote tool here.

How Can I Book My Boiler Repair?

It’s really easy to book your service with us. You can either book online or over the phone.

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