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Thames Boilers is owned and operated by George who started the business when he moved to Greenhithe, Kent in 2017.

Previously he ran several heating and plumbing businesses in other areas and has been in the trade for almost 20 years.

Why should you trust George and his work?

Sometimes choosing a tradesperson can feel very hit and miss. Who do you choose? And who can you trust?

These days, anyone can say they?re fantastic on the internet – but how do you know they are? Can they back it up?

Well, I can.

Here are some reasons why should trust me and my work?

Kent Trading Standards Approved

Kent Trading Standards Approved

Kent Trading Standards have carried out rigorous background checks on me and my business that include criminal background checks, credit checks, verified my qualifications, insurance, and even my vehicle. After all this, they?re happy to mark my heating business with their seal of approval.

Checkatrade Approved

Checkatrade work closely with Kent Trading Standards and carry out similar background checks such as insurance and qualifications. They also go a step further by asking for references from my previous customers on a regular basis. You can see my Checkatrade feedback?and rating on this page.

Gas Safe Registered

As you probably know, anyone who works on any gas appliance needs to be Gas Safe Registered. Gas Safe are the official gas registration body appointed by the Health and Safety Executive to manage gas safety in the UK. Gas Safe took this over from CORGI in 2009. I?ve been CORGI registered, then Gas Safe registered for almost 20 years. So when it comes to your making sure your boiler is safe, you?re in the right hands. You can check my Gas Safe registration here.


Call 01322 788418