Prices For Boiler Repairs, Servicing & Plumbing

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Boiler Repair Prices

If I can get your boiler working within 1 hour, without fitting any new parts, the price is ?85.

If your boiler?s fault is more complicated and needs replacement parts, I will give you a fixed price quote to do the necessary work to get your boiler working again.

If you are happy with the quote, I will get the parts and carry out your repair.

If you don?t want to go ahead with the quote, you will need to pay a ?50 diagnosis fee for my time spent finding and explaining what?s wrong with your boiler.

Type of Boiler RepairPrice
Boiler fixed within 1 hour with no parts required£85
Boiler repair where parts and more than 1 visit is requiredFixed price quote
Diagnosis fee. (Where diagnostic works needs to be carried out before fixed price quote is given.)£50 (refundable if fixed price quote is accepted)

Boiler Services Prices

Type of BoilerService Price
Non-condensing boiler service (pre April 2005)£85
Condensing boiler service (after April 2005)£85
Condensing boiler strip down & burner gasket service (inc gaskets)£125
Back boiler & fire service £170
Range Powermax boiler service (inc gaskets)£225
Landlord's gas safety certificate (up to 2 appliances, excludes gas fires & warm air units)£85
Combined landlord's gas safety check and boiler service (saving £10)£150
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Plumbing & Emergency Plumbing Prices

 Mon-Fri 9am-5pmOut of hours
Call out chargeNone£110 (includes first hour)
Hourly rate£0 All inclusive fixed price quotes£95
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When you use me to fix your boiler, you get a 1 year guarantee on your repair.

This means if the part I?ve replaced or repaired on your boiler goes wrong within a year of carrying out the work, I?ll repair it again for free.

There are a couple of exceptions to this. The first is if the cause of your boiler going wrong again is sludge or scale. The second is if I?ve recommended additional work to be carried out to stop the problem returning, but you haven?t had the work carried out.

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