L2 Fault On Ideal Logic Combi Boiler

Ideal Logic Combi Boiler L2 Error Code

Today I had a callout to a boiler repair in Dartford. It was an Ideal Logic Combi boiler showing an L2 fault and it wouldn’t reset.

An L2 fault code means there is an ignition problem with the boiler.

There are several components that can cause an L2 fault including:

  • Flame sensor
  • Spark generator
  • Gas valve
  • Spark electrode

… to name the most common.

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After carrying out some diagnostic work, I traced the problem to the spark generator. It wasn’t creating the spark needed to light the boiler, which was causing the L2 fault.

I replaced it and the boiler was back to working as normal.

How much does an L2 fault code cost to fix?

It depends on the company you deal with and their rates.

But as a rough idea, this spark generator should be about ?35 at the time of writing.

Labour should be no more than an hour to install, plus any call out/diagnosis charge.

What does it look like?

Here’s a picture of the spark generator I replaced:

ideal logic spark generator

So if you have a similar fault, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you!

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